Ian Thorpes Fountain for Youth

What is Fountain for youth?

With a vision of ‘Embracing Humanity by Nurturing Children’, Fountain for youth will focus on advocacy for the needs of ill children. We will build alliances with the corporate sector and general community to raise awareness and funds to bring positive changes to the lives of children by improving health and education. We recognise that education is a crucial pathway to better health.

Ian believes that all children should be given the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life. He understands his position, his ability to bring important issues to the forefront and is passionate about projects that have an impact on the health of children.

Each year Fountain for youth will endeavour to raise the much needed resources to support the programs it is committed to, by holding major fundraising events and activities in conjunction with our corporate and sponsorship partners.

Fountain for youth has supported:

In Australia

  • Indigenous health and education
  • The Rett Syndrome Australian Research Fund
  • Heart Kids Victoria
  • Red Cross Australia Youth Programs
  • Children’s Cancer Institute Australia


  • Yokohama City Japan, Youth Programs
  • Beijing China, Zhiguang Special Education School

Fountain for youth Focus:

Ian Thorpe established Fountain for youth to focus on areas where he knows he can make an impact on improving the health and education of children, particularly those children in greatest need.

There is a health emergency amongst our own people and an urgency to improve the health and education of Indigenous children in this country and through Fountain for youth Ian has taken up a long term commitment to achieve this, giving Indigenous children the same opportunities afforded to all children in Australia.

Our focus began with the Jawoyn children in the remote regions east of Katherine in the Northern Territory.  In 2007 we will continue working with the Jawoyn communities and will expand our projects into other remote communities in Australia.  We have found the facts behind these communities’ living conditions and state of health to be appalling – a human crisis in our own backyard that we desperately need to address:

  • A cluster of chronic illnesses and diseases are decimating our remote Aboriginal communities
  • Aboriginal babies die at three times the rate of the rest of our children
  • Aboriginal adults have a life expectancy 20 years less than the rest of Australians, this is the lowest life expectancy of any indigenous population of a new world country
  • Illiteracy rates as high as 93% can be found in many remote Aboriginal communities
  • For every extra year of education our nation can provide the young mother she may add up to four years to the life expectancy of her child.

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