About Me

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Hello! I’m Stanley Bennet. Several known as Sany Leti. I board London at the instant. However, my town is in the city. I cosmopolitan distant from home to find out regarding fashion. Presently living during this town with my supporter, Tony. So, currently, London is my home.

I have a cute cat known as Jojo. He’s been with Maine for 3 years currently. I love him, that naughty cute cat, although we regularly get into a fight. He’s not merely a good looking cat, he speaks within the real sense of the word, or a minimum of that’s only my imagination. Well, he will communicate with Maine once he’s hungry and lonely.

No minor than Jojo is Doodoo, the bird. Doodoo could be a free bird. I don’t lock him within the cage, however, each morning he invariably comes and visits Maine then plays with Jojo. I don’t apprehend whose bird he’s. So, my morning activity is reproval Jojo, Doodoo and Tanya once she is around.

I love planning. Well, that’s why I visited London. I may head to London. However, I wished to understand living in numerous country. I prefer the new atmosphere here, learning a replacement language, about to apprehend new folks and culture.

Writing is what I relish doing nightly. I like to jot down things I have seen before I am going to bed. Different fascinating subjects that I typically write area unit regarding a move, food, and planning recently. I used to be therefore stunned to search out myself enjoying planning article of furniture. That’s why I keep writing during this journal. Do visit if you’re additionally fascinated by persistent objects.