Famous Graphic Design Quotes Which will Brighten Your Day

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Every designer has had their unique journey as an ingenious, encountering both obstacles and successes in their careers. During this list, we’ve compiled five quotes on graphic design and other observations from famous creatives. For more inspirational quotes about graphic design, please make sure to follow our weekly Sunday Quote series on Instagram.

Read on to listen to some reflections from creatives sharing their thoughts on the importance of private projects, embracing failure, staying curious, honing your craft, the worth of your work and lots of more observations.

1. Jessica Walsh, Designer, Art Director and Illustrator

The other half Sagmeister & Walsh (made partner at the tender age of 25), Jessica Walsh started her career interning at Pentagram under Paula Scher and has contributed work for Levi’s, Adobe, and Print magazine.

2. Bob Gill

As a hobby, the sole person who has got to be pleased together with your work is you. However, if graphic design is how you create your living, then your client’s viewpoint goes to play a significant role in your success.

Use the collaboration and discussion groups within Designhill to urge the honest feedback of your peers within this market. Doing so will make it much easier for you to figure towards creating a design that more people will love besides just you. Bob Gill may be a longtime illustrator for magazines Glamour, Esquire, Fortune and therefore the cofounder of F/F/G which later became design powerhouse Pentagram.

3. Kate Moros’s Art director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

“The key to great ideas doesn’t have them, it’s executing them. And great ideas come from problems. As designers, we call problems, briefs and that we call reactions to problems, concepts.”

Kate Moross is an illustrator known for his or her dynamic hand-lettering and vibrant colours. They need to contribute designs for brands like Vogue and Cadburys.

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4. Chip Kidd, Book Cover Designer

Even though the character of this particular quote might sound a touch risqué, the underlying principle Chip Kidd was trying to reveal hits its mark. Ideas come and go. You ought to never become overly attached to at least one – especially if it’s only not working for you. Becoming too attached to a thought that only leads you to a dead-end street isn’t the sort of turn you would like to form on the road to success as a graphic designer. 

Chip Kidd is that the associate stage director at Knopf and a prolific book cover designer, having worked on everything from classic graphic novels to Jurassic Park. “Design may be a response to a selected problem. You’re given a drag to unravel. Then you let the matter itself tell you what your solution is.”

5. Saul Bass, Graphic Designer

Saul Bass was an iconic graphic designer known for his paper cut-out style and therefore the title animation sequences in movies like Psycho and Vertigo. At the top of the day, graphic design is a kind. you’ve got to approach it intrinsically if you’re curious about becoming successful at it. 

Keep in mind that beauty is within the eye of the beholder, so you ought to specialise in ensuring that creating art which is universally beautiful is your primary goal. Whether you’re pitching a Fortune 500 corporation or a little business in your neighbourhood, your clients should agree that your work is a minimum of beautiful. “Failure is made into creativity…the creative act involves this element of ‘newness’ and ‘experimentalism,’ then one must expect and accept the likelihood of failure.”

If you’ve got a favourite graphic design quote or would like to share advice from your experience as a designer, send us an email.

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